Наша миссия и ценности

Наша миссия и ценности

Наша миссия и ценности

Our values ​​and mission

The main principles of the College activity:
  • the legal basis of the College activity is the Higher Education Law, the Education Act, the Vocational Education Law, the Law on Scientific Activity, other legislation of the Republic of Latvia and the College Regulations;
  • the College has got an established specialization – professional education in the field of hospitality;
  • the study process in the College is organized in accordance with the principles of a student-centred approach, academic honesty and internal quality management;
  • the academic staff of the College include hospitality industry practitioners with significant work experience in hotel leadership positions;
  • within the framework of the studies, the College provides internships to every student at high-level hotels in Latvia and abroad, thus allowing to gain international work experience in world-renowned hospitality brand companies;
  • the College exercises non-discriminatory attitude to all its students, staff and business partners and aims to avoid situations of conflict of interest;
  • the College aims to promote sustainable tourism principles in the hospitality sector.


The mission of the College is to provide quality higher professional education in the field of hospitality and to help to launch a career at leading hospitality companies both locally and globally.


The vision of the College is to become a recognized and internationally competitive higher education institution, which prepares highly qualified and motivated specialists – the leaders of the future hospitality industry.

HOTEL SCHOOL development priorities

In order to ensure the long-term operation and competitiveness of HOTEL SCHOOL, as well as to achieve the integration of HOTEL SCHOOL into the European Higher Education Area, the management of HOTEL SCHOOL has identified 8 priority development directions formulated in the Development Strategy 2016-2022.

Those are:

  1. accreditation
  2. expansion of the offer of study programs
  3. staff capacity building
  4. development of material and technical resources
  5. development of informative and methodological resources
  6. development of research potential
  7. international cooperation and internationalization
  8. increasing the number of students
  Full Development Strategy 2016-2022 can be found here.
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